Multi-generational Breeding

Creating the perfect Sheepadoodle

Creating the perfect sheepadoodle involves more than just producing puppies that are cute. ASA have spent extensive time and careful consideration in studying the pedigree of our dogs to create precisely the perfect looking sheepadoodle.

Puppies that are said to be F1 are the result of the mating of a Poodle parent with an Old English Sheepdog parent. Because the Poodle and Old English are so different in appearance, the puppies may exhibit various traits. In addition to having different colour options, their coats may also vary in thickness, texture, and length, some of the puppies, due to their coats, may have shedding or non-shedding attributes, variations in size and personality are also factors to be considered. Due to certain inconsistencies in the breed line, ASA do not breed F1 puppies.

ASA specialise in multigenerational puppies.

  • F1b or Back Cross Generation: 1 Old English Sheepdog + 1 F1 or a Multi-generational Sheepadoodle parent
  • F2 Generation: (2) F1 Sheepadoodle parents
  • F2b Generation: 1 F1 Sheepadoodle + 1 F1b Sheepadoodle parent
  • F3 Generation: (2) F2 Sheepadoodle parents
  • Multi-Generation: (2) F3 Sheepadoodle parents.

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