Our customers say it all …

“Due to Lockdown, ‘Alexander’ came to us by plane. I was worried he would be skittish from this experience – but far from it! He was gorgeous and relaxed, as if he had just walked out of a beauty parlour and flown in First Class. The ground crew fell in love with this ball of bounce and fluff …

From the day he came in to our lives, he has been the perfect pup.  He is now 13 weeks old. We cannot walk without people stopping us to ask his breed, tell us how gorgeous he is and asking where we got him. We are only too happy to refer them to ASA and only ASA. We extoll the virtues of the breeding programme that ASA goes through to make sure their puppies are as healthy as possible, without the problems associated with many breeds.

Alexander is a joy. He is our ‘fur kid’ – he is so playful, and loving, but his endearing quality is his placid nature, something everyone who stops for a cuddle remarks on. He is very careful with smaller children, almost by instinct, it seems. We have come across a few other Sheepadoodle owners who have purchased from ASA  (that is how we came to look them up to acquire Alexander) and they also remark on their placid, loving nature.

We are besotted with Alexander, even though I thought I could never love another ‘fur kid’, he has won our hearts.

I cannot commend ASA. enough for the work they have done to perfect this beautiful breed of dog. Thank you ASA, so very much for all your hard work.”

Christine, VIC

“OMG … Wilbur is amazing, from the minute he arrived at the airport he wasn’t distressed at all and he was so happy to see us. The first thing we could hear when he came through the QF gate was his tail whacking on the inside of his crate  – it was so cute. Then when he arrived at our home he settled in immediately. He’s even slept right through every single night since he’s arrived (albeit very comfortable in our king bed flat on his back) lol 😆

We can’t believe how comfortable he has been with us and how he’s so easily become fully integrated in our lives. He has such a gentle, kind and beautiful soul, he is so loving and his temperament is just adorable. He does turn into “sharkadoodle mode” but it makes us laugh hysterically! His personality is really coming out now. He is extremely intelligent and he always tilts his head at us when we speak to him. He’s even learnt to sit and shake hands/give high fives and now sits and waves automatically when he’s wanting food 😂

He has done not one 💩 inside just a few piddles on his piddle pads like a good boy, but we are now 2 days in with no accidents at all in the house.

He isn’t a huge fan of bath time, but he is coming around and loves his blow dry and brush afterwards. He had his first day at puppy pre school yesterday and was very popular and was a hit with all of the other puppies and humans. He is beyond adorable, we are so in love with him and he brings so much happiness and joy to our lives especially after dealing with so much sadness.

Alex, he is everything we hoped for and more! Everyone who sees him on Instagram message me and say they want a “Wilbur” and I also get inundated with comments telling us he is the cutest Sheepadoodle they have ever seen like ever🐼  and ask where I got him.

Thank you for your help, support and persistence with us, I knew in my heart he was the one for Cam and I but without you we could have missed out on getting him.

I could rave on forever about Wilbur, so apologies for the long winded message! He is just so cute and photogenic! x ♥️🐾🐶 “

Jennifer, QLD

“Dealing with Alex and her team at Australian Sheepadoodles Australia has been absolute bliss.

We recently welcomed ‘Billie’ into our family. It was important for us to know the puppy’s history, parents, and breeding facilities – and I can honestly say I have never seen any better.

ASA genuinely care about the dogs’ welfare, and place quality over quantity!

Thanks Alex, my family could not be happier. The only problem is stopping at one!!!”

Alex, NSW

“We have had our first week with our adorable Huxley. He is a very confident and inquisitive puppy. We haven’t used the crate he has been sleeping with me in guest room and doing well … so Mark can sleep.

Everyone who sees him literally gasps at how adorable he is. I keep getting told that he doesn’t look real – he looks like a toy. And then the usual cry of:”I want one!”.

He isn’t afaid of the garden hose or water. He helped me wash windows and the decks on weekend.

Wasn’t real happy about the bath he had after as he was all dirty from the garden beds.

Just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ again for our beautiful boy.”

Mara, VIC

“Well he’s here and we couldn’t be more in love!!

It appeared he travelled really well by the looks of it when I collected him (no accidents!) and his coat was still beautifully clean and fluffy thank you! The kids were in complete shock when we arrived home and utterly beside themselves with joy he was here and he was ours!

The name they/we have given him is Bodhi.

He has settled in really, really well so far, exhausts himself then crashes out. Cried only for about 10-15 mins at bedtime (in Laundry with bed, etc.) and slept through until after 6 with NO accidents! Eating everything and continuing along with zero accidents inside so far! He’s good for a cuddle too 😍

Thanks ladies, he’s a perfect fit.”

Harris Family, SA

“Things have been going great! We named our puppy Mabel. She has settled with us very well. She has her next round of shots on the 29th and our vet was very happy with her health. She has grown so much since we got her, loves her food.

She will be catching up with her siblings that came up to Brisbane for a play date after the last round of immunisations, We are all looking forward to that. Here is a picture of her at the markets from the last weekend.

Thanks for touching base, we couldn’t be happier.”

Ryan, QLD

“Just want to thank you for letting us adopt Vespa. The adoption part was incredible and made very special with ASA FaceTiming us and introducing mum and dad to us along with the female puppies. There were three beautiful pups for us to select from, but little Vespa had it all figured out, wagging her tail every time we spoke and chose us to be her pawrents!

We got numerous photos and have even had calls since collecting her to make sure everything is OK!

Sometimes she’s a sheepadoodle, other times she is a sleepadoodle, and once or twice a day we get sharkadoodle – but we wouldn’t have it any other way. A beautiful temperament and so much love to give … She has definitely become part of our family.”

Sam & Mat, WA

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